Areca guppyana (5.5 inch square pot)

Small palm native to tropical rain forest of the Solomon Islands. Cherry sized fruits ripen to bright red. Reported to be used as  a betel nut substitute.

  • Price: $17.00

Chamaedorea tepejilote 2 plants (2.5X7 inch tree pots)

Chamaedorea tepejilote, pacaya palm

Common Name: Pacaya Palm. Grown for edible male inflorescence. Also, a nice clumping palm for the landscape. Good house plant as well. Easy to grow. 2 plants grown in individual 2.5X7 inch tree pots.

  • Price: $15.00

Cyrtostachys renda (Sealing Wax Palm) 5.5 inch pot

Cyrtostachys renda, sealing wax palm

Colorful palm grown throughout the tropics. Native to low elevation rain forest in Malaysia and Thailand. Slow growing when young. It takes up to 4 or 5 years for the crownshaft to develop good color. Young plants can generally tolerate nearly...

  • Price: $27.50

Euterpe oleraceae (Assai or Acai Palm) 2.5X7 inch pot

Euterpe oleraceae, assai palm, acai

Grown for dark purple fruit which is high in antioxidants. Also, provides a sustainable harvest for palm heart. Plants form clumps with numerous trunks. Moist humid tropical conditions.  Fast growing. 

  • Price: $8.50

Oenocarpus mapora (5.5 inch square pots)

Oenocarpus mapora (5.5 inch square pots)

Rare clumping species with pinnate leaves. Leaflets are pendant. Whitish trunks reach up to 50 ft. under ideal conditions. Fruits are edible. Native from Costa Rica to Ecuador. Ready to ship in September or October 2009.

  • Price: $17.00