Annona chermimola (4x4x10 inch tree pot) Cherimoya

Common Name: Cherimoya.  Delicious subtropical/tropical fruit with fragrant sweet white flesh.  One of the best tropical fruits in my opinion.   Small to medium tree native to Central America.  Can tolerate a one or two degrees of frost but is best in areas that rarely fall below 31F.  Full sun or small plants can take a little shade.  Keep moist until well established but needs very good drainage; i.e. do not plant in an are with poor drainage where water puddles.  If growing in a container, do not leave in standing water.   Fertilize several times per year with a general purpose garden fertilizer (10-10-10 or 15-15-15).  Slightly acidic soil with some organic matter.   Trees grow fairlly well in ripped lava.   Seedlings take about 4 years to start blooming.  Outdoors in Zones 10A and higher.   

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