Artocarpus camansi (Breadnut) -5.5 inch square pot

Family: Moraceae. Common Names: Breadnut, seeded breadfruit.  Usually classified as A. altilis (breadfruit) but the fruits look different.    Nuts are edible and have a nice flavor.  Medium to large tropical tree. Large lobed leaves like breadfruit leaves. When not in fruit the tree looks identical to breadfruit.   Young fruit are peeled, diced and used in curries or other dishes as a vegetable.  In addition to edible fruit & nuts, this makes a striking ornamental.  Strickly tropical and needs protection from cool temperatures.  Neutral soil pH is best.  Full sun.  Fertilize several times per year for fastest growth.  Outdoors in frost free areas Zones 10B and 11. 

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Artocarpus camansi, breadnut
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